As more information and ongoing brainstorming takes place with teachers, kids, and school administrators, we are making some changes and fine-tuning our focus to best utilize our creative resources and professional liaisons to meet the needs of students and teachers.

Where is this information and brainstorming leading us? Stay tuned as we launch a campaign to raise funds for unique tools (i.e., videos) and creative in-school programs that focus on reducing social, emotional and behavioral barriers that hinder the educational process. As funds are secured, programming will begin in schools in the Louisville, KY area. However, our videos and other materials will be available to educators everywhere via our website and YouTube.

Contact Shannon "Animal" Gambill via if you would like to receive email updates regarding plans to launch this program or if you are interested in being a part of the team to make this program happen. We will need support from educators, parents, businesses, and everyone who cares about children to help us spread the word to raise funds.