Hot Rod Has It!

BP-thumb-v1ADHD…hmmm…have you heard of this? Bi-Peds seem to talk about it a lot. I wagged my brain and tried to figure out what it stood for. How about “A Dog Having Doubts” , “A Dig Happy Dog” or “All Daffy Hounds Dream”? Nope, not even close. Apparently, it stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. That’s a mouthful. Big words that basically mean trouble focusing and sitting still.

You know what? I think Hot Rod probably has this. He has to be the busiest, non-stop, meow-moving, fast-flying feline I know. He can also have trouble paying attention. You know, not looking at you when you are talking to him, or being distracted by twisting his tail or wiggling his whiskers. I think the “H” in ADHD stands for Hot Rod.

Hot Rod on Rollerblades


I'm the fastest feline in Sniff-It Park. CATchya Later!

I’m the fastest feline in Sniff-It Park. CATchya Later!

The good thing about Hot Rod’s ADHD is that when he exercises and gets his energy release in a healthy way, and when he really tries using his Critter coping skills, he actually gets more stuff done than I do on any given day. It’s like he harnesses this cool energy power and is able to get stuff done. In fact, he gets it “super done”!

But when he doesn’t exercise or play for awhile, watch out! Things get Critter Crazy! Some cats are like this and so are some dogs. We need a healthy energy-release (or “e-release”) every day, even if we don’t have ADHD. Some Critters need more e-release than others. For example, Retrievers and Jack Russell Terriers generally need more e-release than Bassett Hounds and St. Bernards. E-release needs are really important for Bi-Peds to consider before adopting a Critter. Some Critters end up in shelters because their Bi-Peds can’t handle meeting their e-release needs.

This was a day when I exercised my jaws instead of my legs. Uff-Wuff!

This was a day when I exercised my jaws instead of my legs. Uff-Wuff!

Every Critter has it’s own groove. Some groove high, some medium and some low. I’m a medium groover. As long as I wag around, walk a few blocks, or fetch a few sticks, I’m able to chill and I’m less likely to chew up Animal Gambill’s shoes (or dog forbid, the sofa). As for Hot Rod, he likes chasing the laser pointer and swatting around the feather toys. When he’s in Sniff-It Park hanging with us Critters, he might break out the roller blades. Better him than me. I tried those things out…ONCE! Uff-Wuff!

I tried to blame this on Hobo Kitty. I'll bet you can guess how that turned out - not fluffy, not fluffy at all!

I tried to blame it on Hobo Kitty. I’ll bet you can guess how that turned out – not fluffy, not fluffy at all!

Yep. Hot Rod definitely has ADHD. BDD (Big Dog Deal)! We all got something. It’s what we do with it that counts! When Hot Rod gets his e-release, he’s able to do a lot of amazing things I can only dream of doing…and I dream a lot!

As far as me? What do I have? Well, It’s pretty safe to say I have “mutt-nutty” covered! Although my anxiety gets the best of me sometimes…ok, more than sometimes. It actually helps me get motivated and get things done when I really work hard at moving it in a positive direction. Like I said, it just depends on what you do with what you got! And I got issues. No doubt! But I’m All Wag No Drag and I don’t give up!

This is Boss Paws – All Wag No Drag!