Snow-cats, Car-banging and Animal Care

Time for a Litterbox Joke. That’s a joke so bad it has to be covered up. You know, like stuff that has to be covered up in a litterbox. Alright, here we BP-thumb-v1go.

Q: What do you call a dog who likes cats?

Think about it …Think about it …Ready for the punchline?

A: A Bow-Meow


Get it, not a Bow-Wow, a Bow-Meow. Hey, cut me a little slack, my brain isn’t wagging too well since coming in from the cold. Hobo Kitty dragged me outside to check out her snow-cat sculpture. No, I’m not kidding. She built a snow-cat. Take a close look at the picture of it. Can you guess what she made the whiskers, ears, nose, eyes and mouth out of? I’ll give you a hint, they’re all edible. She must have read my blog about the Super Bowl. Which, for the record, I have never heard back from Peyton Manning about my tongue-twisted comment. Now back to the edible snow-cat sculpture. Hobo is crazy if she thinks the squirrels are going to leave that thing alone. Those twitchy little dudes are serious food thieves. I can appreciate their skills though. They can hang upside down while scamming seed out of a birdfeeder. That’s Critter Crafty!

My tongue is thinking about snatching some of those orange whiskers. They look tasty!

My tongue is thinking about snatching some of those orange whiskers. They look tasty!


Squirrels may be crafty, and so are cats for that matter (can anyone say Hobo Kitty?), but sometimes they don’t think about what could happen to them if they curl up on warm engines in parked cars. Bi-Peds need to remember that warm car engines attract cats and small wildlife which are known to crawl up under the hood of a car. To avoid injuring any hidden animals, Bi-Peds are supposed to bang on the car’s hood to scare them away before starting the engine. I just hope they don’t forget to do that. I think I’m gonna make a few signs and post them around Bi-Ped City just to remind them. Being Boss Paws of Sniff-It Park also means keeping an eye on Bi-Ped City. I’m one busy bow-wow!


This is Boss Paws – Howling Out!


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