Hot Rod

Hot Rod on RollerbladesAccording to the Bi-Peds, the best way for a cat to exercise is by running after a small fake mouse, chasing a rattle ball, or jumping up at a feather that is tied to a stick. They have it all wrong. Rollerblades are the way to go! Just like my name Hot Rod implies, I like to go fast! Actually I like anything that keeps me busy and moving. I hear the Bi-Peds talking about all that ADHD stuff and Ruckus says I’ve got it. If I do, I don’t care. I’m not going to sit around and wit myself out about it. I’m going to keep moving and put my energy to good use! However, sometimes I do have to admit that I can get a bit out of control and find myself in some sort of a predicament, or as I like to say “a CATch-22.” I guess it’s my way of keeping all the Critters on their toes. They need to exercise too you know!

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