Hobo Kitty

Hobo Kitty here. I have a reputation for saying what’s on my wit-tank (that’s what the Bi-Peds often refer to as a brain). I have no problem with this because what I say is true. For starters, I think Boss Paws has more hang-ups than a coat rack. I’m not sure what bone he followed to get here, but he is a Mutty Mess of canine proportions. Then there’s Ruckus, who thinks no one CATches on to all the trouble he starts. I know I may be rockin’ one eye, but I see everything that goes on around Sniff-It Park AND Bi-Ped City, and believe me, I have something to say about it!


  1. sienna says

    hey it`s me again. all I want to know is why hobo kitty has a eye pacth. does she have only one eye or what? I love ur story boss paws and the mystery of bat cat

    • Animal Gambill says

      Hobo Kitty can only see out of one eye. She is not missing her eye, but her pupil was damaged so she can’t see out of that eye anymore. She said she is going to tell everyone what happened to her eye in one of the future books.

  2. Hildy Johnson says

    Hobo manages to see pretty much everything (and see a lot we don't see-lol) and can express a lot of attitude with that one eye!


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