Boss Paws

Boss-Paws-with-hatAs you probably know, I’m a dog from the streets. Maybe that’s why I have a knack for neurosis. Who cares, I still have a tuff guy spirit. And ever since I came across Hobo Kitty, my life has never been the same (and never will be, as long as Hobo Kitty has anything to do with it….and let me tell you – SHE DOES). Oh, and that Furr’d Word news feed, with it’s HOWL-oscopes and Critter Crazy stories…I never know what adventure I’ll embark on next.

Boss-Paws-on-headMy life is full of constant wagging – you know, up and down, side to side. It’s exhausting! One minute I’m taking charge as a Hero Hound and the next minute I’m a Mutt-Nutty Mess freaking out about a gang of insects giving me the “hairy eyeball”. Oh Yeah, I have issues, you better believe it!  And I have a few secrets too. Unfortunately, Hobo Kitty is aware of my biggest one…but she’s not meowing out about it. This secret benefits her too much! If you stick around, you may find out what I mean. Just don’t tell the rest of the Critters!


    • Animal Gambill says

      We had a PET-acular time visiting Buckner! You guys have the best energy and spirit! I’ll bet you create lots of great writing and MEOW-velous art!

  1. jayden says

    how did you get your pictures to have so much color? I am loving your story so far thank you for the book and signing it for me.
    Jayden from Gilmore Elementary

    • Animal Gambill says

      Thanks for the FUR-bulous Feedback Jayden! The illustrator, T.B. Jackson-Williams, is the Critter Cool person responsible for the beautiful pictures and the vibrant color. I think she’s magic!

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