Bat Cat

bat-cat-webI am Bat-Cat….or am I? This seems to be the big question. You see, Ruckus and Hot Rod told the Furr’d Word that they saw a wild, grey cat flying around in the air with bats in Sniff-It Park one night. Boss Paws and the Crew decided that they needed to go on a stakeout to find out if this is a True Tail or False Fuzz. Hmmm….the picture you are looking at right now seems like it could be real, but is it? What do you think? Check out the whole story by reading “Boss Paws and the Mystery of Bat-Cat” and you’ll know the answer soon! The book is in our SHOP.


  1. Hallie says

    Hi , My name is Hallie I heard you story today your really cool and I hope you are doing good thanks alot bye

  2. Alexis says

    I haven’t read the book but the author came to my school and talked about it, I bet it is an awesome book

    • Animal Gambill says

      Bat-Cat gets around. The air is his playground and his WingMen are his vehicle. They take him through Sniff-It Park, Bi-Ped City and beyond…so YES! Bat-Cat may have crossed your path. Bat-Cat is one amazing little dude!

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