Children’s Privacy Policy of

Animal Gambill, LLC d/b/a (“Boss Paws”) respects and protects the privacy of our users. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) requires that we inform parents and legal guardians about how we collect, use, and disclose Personal Information from children less than 13 years of age. COPPA also requires that we obtain the consent of parents/legal guardians in order for children under 13 years of age to use certain features of our websites. Below we explain how we do this.

1. Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Information

At Boss Paws the only use we make of Personal Information (primarily email addresses) collected from children without prior parental consent is to (a) provide a single response to a question or request for information from a child, (b) award prizes in a game or contest on (“”), and/or (c) contact a child’s parent or guardian for the purpose of obtaining consent for further collection and use of the child’s Personal Information.

Without prior parental consent, we do not otherwise make use of Personal Information collected from children, nor do we provide such information to third parties.

2. Parental Consent

For any Personal Information that we collect from children, parents/legal guardians may request information on the type of data being collected, view their child’s information, and, if they choose, prohibit Boss Paws from making further use of their child’s information. Personal Information collected by Boss Paws is specific information that is relevant only to the individual user providing said information, such as user’s full name, contact information, email address, etc. (“Personal Information”).

Boss Paws will not provide Personal Information collected from children to third parties except when we believe that doing so is required by law, may be necessary to protect a person’s property, rights, or safety, or to investigate a potential violation of law, or in the event of a corporate transaction, such as a divestiture, merger, consolidation, or asset sale.

3. Furr’d Word Blog and Video Posts

Boss Paws’ Furr’d Word blog and age-appropriate video posts allow visitors to make comments on what they have read or viewed as long as they register and log in with a username and password. These comments are monitored by, and may be edited by, the Boss Paws staff. Any Personal Information that is submitted by a child will be deleted and destroyed. Per COPPA, a child’s first name only (no last name), age, and state is not considered Personal Information. Therefore, a child may include any or all of the above with his/her comment and such information will not be edited out. COPPA considers the following examples to be Personal Information: a child’s first and last name displayed together, a child’s city, and the name of the school the child attends.

It is our policy to collect only information (such as username, password, and parent’s or guardian’s email address) that is necessary to participate in the comment section of the Furr’d Word blog and video post section. We use the provided parent’s or legal guardian’s email address in order to send an email notifying the recipient that his or her child has created a Furr’d Word blog or video response account and informing the recipient of the child’s username and password. We may also use the parent’s or legal guardian’s email address to inform them of the opportunity to sign up for newsletters, tour date and event info, and contests. Boss Paws does not allow a child’s Personal Information to be shared with the public via the Furr’d Word blog or video post. Any Personal Information collected in correlation with the Furr’d Word blog or video posts will be used for internal purposes only.

If you have any questions about the Furr’d Word blog, video posts, or your child’s account, please contact a representative from Boss Paws at

4. Contests

If a child participates in a kids’ contest, Boss Paws will retain his or her email address for the duration of the contest until a winner is chosen. The winner will be notified via email or another method, as described in the contest rules. After the contest, all participants’ email addresses will be deleted from our system. We will not use contest participants’ email addresses in any other way, and we will not provide them to any third party.

5. Emailing Characters or Animal Gambill

If a child emails a Boss Paws character or Animal Gambill with a question, the child’s question will be answered and then the child’s email address will be deleted.  In this situation, Boss Paws does not otherwise maintain or store the child’s Personal Information in any form. Therefore, parental consent is not required.

6. Facebook and YouTube Plug-ins

Facebook plug-ins on only allow for the viewer to read posts submitted by Boss Paws staff. The viewer is not able to comment on these posts and no Personal Information is collected.

YouTube plug-ins do not include YouTube’s commenting capability. Any commenting capability is facilitated by Boss Paws’s process of contacting the parent/legal guardian, as described in Section 3 (Furr’d Word Blog and Video Posts) above.

7. General Submissions

Boss Paws may solicit and/or accept submissions for contests, per Section 4 above. Boss Paws may also solicit and/or accept general animal-related submissions written by kids (including but not limited to the following):

  • Critt-it Crew experiences (individual or group submissions regarding Critter Crusading activities)
  • Animal-related jokes (we call these our “Litterbox” jokes)
  • Book and Movie reviews (animal-related and age-appropriate)
  • Original animal-related articles for the Furr’d Word blog
  • Critter-okee lyrics (lyrics for songs about animals)
  • Photos of animals (including children’s pets)
  • Caption ideas for images posted on
  • Blog articles
  • Animal-related product reviews
  • Cool animal-related ideas for website, book, poem, product, etc.
  • Additional animal-related material, thoughts, ideas and content

Boss Paws solicits and/or accepts submissions in an effort to engage kids to learn about animals and to empower them to educate their peers.

Submissions may ask for and be published with a child’s first name, age, and state, which are not considered Personal Information per COPPA, therefore, such submissions do not trigger the need for a child’s parent/legal guardian to give consent. However, in the event that a child, school or organization would like to submit Personal Information (i.e., school name, full name of child/children participating) with his/her/their submission (i.e., a submission about a Critt-It Crew or individual Critter Crusading effort), then parental consent would be required and pursued. Only upon obtaining parental consent (per COPPA requirements) would such Personal Information be included with a submission. This form of obtaining parental consent involves emailing said parent/legal guardian and providing a consent form to be signed by the parent/legal guardian of the child and returned to Boss Paws via U.S. mail, fax, or electronic scan to email (the “Print-and-Send” method).

If a child includes Personal Information with a submission, but the child failed to initiate the process which allows Boss Paws to pursue and obtain parental/legal guardian consent and/or the legal consent of the school (per COPPA requirements), Boss Paws may respond to the child (via email or U.S. Mail) in effort to inform the child that he/she must provide Boss Paws with his/her parent’s/legal guardian’s email address so Boss Paws can pursue permission to include the child’s Personal Information with the submission. If Boss Paws is unable to obtain permission, then the submission may still be posted, but with NO Personal Information.

The Personal Information will be destroyed and no Personal Information will be posted with the submission. Boss Paws prompts children to have their teacher/school and/or their parent/legal guardian obtain permission to submit a group’s/class’ Critt-It Crew story. In compliance with COPPA, any submission that likely includes a picture and/or the full names of the child participants involved, will have to be accompanied with an email address of the teacher/school and/or parent/legal guardian who is in charge of the Critt-It Crew’s activity so that can obtain appropriate consent to post said picture and/or full names of the participants with the submission. follows COPPA’s Email Plus rule with regards to using children’s Personal Information only for internal purposes. To learn more about COPPA’s Email Plus procedure, please visit:

Permission forms are attached to the initial “Direct Notice” email sent to the parent/legal guardian. If the parent/legal guardian chooses to sign the permission form(s), scan and email the form(s) back to or if the parent/legal guardian chooses to sign and send the permission form(s) back to Boss Paws via U.S. mail, then Boss Paws will be authorized to utilize Personal Information of a child that is designated via the permission form(s) (including any or all of the following: full name of the child, group/school affiliation with the child, the child’s city, images of the child). If a group/school affiliation would like to submit an image of their Critt-It Crew, each child’s parent/legal guardian is required to complete the necessary permission form(s) or the group/school affiliation is required to provide consent of the children (per COPPA requirements). Depending on the use of the submitted material, Boss Paws may choose not to include Personal Information even if given permission to do so by the parent/legal guardian or group/school affiliation. It is important to reiterate that a child’s personal image and/or Personal Information will not be published unless Boss Paws receives written consent from the child’s parent/legal guardian, and/or group/school affiliation. If Boss Paws does not receive written consent from the child’s parent/legal guardian, and/or group/school affiliation (per COPPA requirements), then any Personal Information of the child submitted to will be destroyed and not stored, retained, or saved in any way.

If the parent/legal guardian and/or group/school affiliation official does not provide written consent within a reasonable amount of time from the date the initial Direct Notice was sent regarding’s collection, use or disclosure of a child’s Personal Information, will delete the parent/legal guardian and/or group/school affiliation official’s online contact information from its records.

Any submission becomes the property of Boss Paws and Animal Gambill, LLC and may be edited and/or published/posted as deemed appropriate by Boss Paws, so long as Boss Paws adheres to COPPA’s requirements regarding parental/legal guardian, and/or group/school affiliation consent when Personal Information is included with a submission.

8. Cookies, Log Data and Third-Party Advertisements

Certain areas of the website requires cookies to “remember” users. Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user’s computer and allow websites to remember information about users. Boss Paws does not store any Personal Information in these cookies. Boss Paws may use cookies to personalize your experience (i.e., to recognize you when you return to or save your password in password-protected areas). You can choose to remove cookies through your browser options. However, if you do so, some functionality may be limited (i.e., you may be unable to comment on blogs or videos without logging in).

Boss Paws may also use web beacons, which are small pieces of code placed on to collect advertising and log data usage metrics, such as counting page views, promotion views, or advertising responses.

Boss Paws may also share aggregated information with third parties (such as third-party sponsors) to help us develop content and services we hope you will find of interest. This aggregated information cannot be used to identify you personally and will not contain Personal Information. does not utilize any tracking technology to specifically target (or remarket) to kids on or off, nor do we sell our data.

Additional information on deleting, disabling, rejecting or turning off log data technology may be available through your browser’s support feature. Please consult the “Help” section of your browser for more information.

9. International Transfer

User information may be transferred and maintained on servers outside of the user’s state or even country. It is possible that the privacy laws in the region where user information is maintained may be different from the privacy laws of a specific user’s state. This Privacy Policy and its protections still apply to the user regardless of the location of their information. If a user is located outside of the United States and chooses to provide information to, then their information may be transferred to the United States and processed there. A user’s use of and submission of information represents their agreement to that transfer and processing.

10. Links to Other Sites

When children click on links from to other external websites, may open said links to the external sites in a new browser window of the users computer.

Our Privacy Policy does not apply to your interactions with other websites, even if you find a link to them on, and so you should read the privacy policy of the third-party website provider to see how your personally identifiable information will be treated on its site.

11. Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our Privacy Policy—or to review, change, or modify Personal Information collected previously—please contact a representative of Boss Paws at 2536 Ridgewood Avenue, Louisville, KY 40217,, or by phone (502)-649-6864.

A list of operators includes the following:

  • Shannon Gambill
  • Candace Jaworski
  • David Sharpe

12. Disclaimer

Due to the changing nature of the Internet, this privacy policy may be changed at any time at Boss Paws’ sole discretion.

By visiting, users agree to the current Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, to which this Privacy Policy is incorporated. Boss Paws reserves the right to terminate or modify the Terms of Service, at any time, and under its sole discretion. Additionally, Boss Paws reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy when necessary. In the event this Privacy Policy is modified, Boss Paws will notify users of the changes by contacting them directly or posting the changes to the Terms of Service page of If Boss Paws modifies this Privacy Policy, previous collected information will continue to be governed by the protections of the Privacy Policy in effect at the time the information was collected. By accessing or continuing use of, the user is agreeing to be bound by the modified Privacy Policy. If users do not agree with the modified Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy, you must discontinue accessing and utilizing

This policy was last updated on 11/4/2013.