About Boss Paws & Animal Gambill

meoojcloseup1zBoss Paws is a mutt-nutty rescue dog whose mission in life is to help kids and critters. He (along with his human companion, Animal Gambill) decided to do this by creating programs and videos focused on the social, emotional and behavioral health of kids and critters (what Animal Gambill coined as SoMoVial™ health).

The goal of Boss Paws is 3-fold:  1.) help kids learn about and problem-solve issues while keeping things fun and interesting, 2.) provide unique tools for teachers, parents, and kids that get'em talking, and 3.) get some valuable information about critters out there too! 

As a part of this educational process, Animal Gambill incorporates Boss Paws and his Sniff-It Park™ crew (real-life and illustrated characters), as well as various eduactional topics that can be utilized to teach and empower kids in the area of SoMoVial™ health. Animal Gambill is a child therapist, author, and speaker who taps into her own knowledge and experience while seeking the guidance and support of numerous people in the community who possess many skill sets.

It all may sound a little Critter Crazy, but that's how we wag in the Boss Paws world!

Contact Shannon "Animal" Gambill via http://bosspaws.com/contact/ for more info about securing an event, sponsoring WagTank efforts, or participating in some capacity with the WagTank™ YouTube series

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Animal Gambill – Brief Bio

Animal Gambill is a dedicated animal advocate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, children's book author, humane educator and speaker. Her love for animals, combined with her appreciation for the true spirit of children, inspired her to write children’s books about her pets (including Boss Paws, of course) and launch the WagTank™ video series.

shannon gambill with dog and cat

In addition to her professional counseling career, she has a history of providing school seminars, volunteering for various animal welfare organizations, rescuing abandoned animals, fostering adoptable pets, providing animal-assisted therapy, producing live children’s events, and educating children about numerous animal and mental health-related topics. Currently, Animal Gambill visits schools in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee with Boss Paws. 

SPECIAL NOTE: The non-profit Critter Crusade website is currently under reconstruction but will be up and running again soon. In the meantime, direct any questions to Animal Gambill via http://bosspaws.com/contact/


  1. Abigail says

    Animal Gambill,
    Hey! It is Abigail. I ate lunch with you. I got to Buckner Elementry school. Remember?? It was REALLY cool!!!!!

    • Animal Gambill says

      I had a FUR-ific time eating lunch with you and all your friends! Boss Paws, Hobo Kitty, and Riley said to tell you “Ruff” and “Meow.”

  2. Rick & Janet Schmidt says

    Hi! It's Rick & Janet Schmidt. Our Papillon, Isabella, was a participant in your Collars and Couture Fashion show at the Clifton Center back in 2007. We're glad you're doing what you love to do!! Keep up the good work! Isabella says wuff! 🙂

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